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January 8th, 2011

 Merry Meet, 

As you know a lot of work is going into making this the new home website for Cauldron of Spirit. Some pages may be left blank for a little while until we get the "main portions" of the website up and going and we thank your for time and patients! 

However, the C.o.S (Cauldron of Spirits) team would like to announce that we will be opening an online store soon once the website is fully up and running. We are still waiting on some shipments to come in but we are very excited about this opportunity! Some of the C.o.S team member have decided to hand make some candles, lotions, soaps, oils, and sprays for us!

Also, we would like for our follow members and our people who are not our members, to sign up with us and join our online coven community! Together we will learn and grow and spread the positive message about witchcraft and magic. 

Once again, we thank you for holding in there while we work on the website and get all the information together so we can get this thing off the ground and running! 

Have a blessed day!
-C.o.S Team 

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