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Welcome to Cauldron of Spirits!

Merry Meet! 

I see we caught your eye! That's good! We are a group of individuals with many talents and are open to a lot of people, and different beliefs and religions. We are currently looking for anyone that is willing to join our group. We would like to spread the knowledge of the Craft, and let the people experience the true meaning and the power of spirituality. Spirit is here to guide us and give us strength to go through our every day lives.

Our goal is to get people to realize that Witchcraft/Wicca/Paganism, whatever you desire to call it, is not evil, and that the only evil there is, is that which comes out of the person themselves.

Here you will find we are not centered around one thing. We are open minded and willing to expierence new expierences! You will find all sorts of information and people on C.o.S and with that, we have created a forum for all walks of life to join and share their knowledge and expierences with us!

     We have a forum for everyone with updated information and news. Also, you will find other witches and the alike that share your intrest! We are a loving environment and we accept everyone regardless of race, orientation, religion, and sex. Here, we are all equal but very different. If you would like, you may sign up and create an account with us! The more people we have, the more we can learn and grow from each other. 

If you have any question we will also answer them to the best of our abilities!

We have been asked many times how we came across our name for the coven. To make a long story short, one night when the covens was out in the woods, where they liked to do most of their rituals and spell work, they had a fire going on one side and the cauldron going on the other. Our covens creator, Blue Moon, was doing his work as usual when all of a sudden he caught something moving out of the corner of his eye by the cauldron. When he stopped and looked he saw what looked like a small figure of boy in the steam coming out of the cauldron. The closer he moved to the cauldron the more the figure of the spirit disappeared. 

After the coven has completed it's healing ritual for one of its members, Blue Moon looked at us and asked if we've noticed anything different about this nights work. Some of us thought we might have seen something, some of us felt something, and some of us heard something, but Blue Moon was definitely convinced he saw something that night.

A few days have passed, and some serious thought on the matter, Blue Moon called us all together and opened the meeting as usual. We went down the list of things we would like to do in the upcoming months and what we could possibly work on as a group. The question of 'what should the covens name be?' finally came up and still no one could come up with a name. Blue Moon was holding something back until one of our fellow members spoke up and asked what he was thinking. He went on and explained to us what he saw that night and purposed that he might have a name for the coven, The Cauldron of Spirits. Everyone thought it was a great and kind of catchy too! It was by no accident that the coven would come to it's name as it did. 

  There is never a dull moment with Cauldron of Spirits and we are all here to help one another. After all, we are family! So come and join us and together we will learn and grow! 



-C.o.S. Team 


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